Thursday, 14 November 2019



#Throwback ..... posing on a bus stop in Singapore in 2012!

My hubby has studied and worked in Singapore and this country has a very special place in his heart…. there are a plethora of memories of his life there as a student… some not so happy ones like arriving with very little money, struggling with finances, having had slipped disc but, most really good ones like the crazy fun of living in shared accommodation with his friends, graduating in film production and working in Walt Disney are just to name a few…. He used to very nostalgic after he left Singapore. 

Saturday, 9 November 2019

Heart Talk: Choices

A few years ago Ahsan and I were at a very low point in our lives… both of us were jobless and we wanted to live in a country where having a job was the only way to secure a visa. With a friend, we sat down to see our options. The easiest option at that point required both of us to live in different countries. We both went silent on it. Our friend insisted on reasons and I couldn’t come up with any solid reason until he said, as if reading my mind, that I was allowed to say that I do not want to live away from my husband. But, he said that this ‘choice’ comes with responsibility and a price that we may have to pay. I was willing to choose a riskier path of trying my luck for jobs in limited time or going for another degree as an international student. Finding a job was very tough and getting a degree was costing us all our savings. But, it was a risk worth taking - for it was allowing us to follow our dream together. 

Saturday, 26 October 2019

Southern Flinders Ranges - Exploring South Australia

The amazing group at Smith's Farmstay Accommodation's 
There is a long story of how I ended up taking this amazing photography and light painting masterclass that was a part of the Southern Flinders Ranges Photography Festival. A festival aimed at promoting the regional beauty of South Australia and by also providing a platform for photographers to display their work, meet fellow photographers, be a part of the photographers' community and learn from each other.

Saturday, 19 October 2019

Heart Talk: Slow Down

I am back after a short leave from blogging that I applied for myself and approved for myself....

Sunday, 15 September 2019

Heart Talk: Home that was meant to be ....

In Australia, the process of renting a house is slightly different. You only get to view a house along with other potential tenants in a time frame given by the agent or owner. If you like it, you lodge an application with the required documents. Having a prior renting history, a stable job, a few references in Australia really help. When you are new here, most of the times you do not have the first two things and it gets difficult to get your first rented house. This is what I have heard, though my experience was different. 

Fitness Diary: Lunch Options

Taking lunch from home is one good thing about working in Australia. My normal lunch used to be leftover food from the night before or a quick sandwich. Since rice is easier to eat, I preferred taking fried rice. I also used to take fruit and sometimes salad too, but having a giant grocery store next to my workplace was where I ended up buying myself unhealthy snacks; pack of cookies, a big bag of sour jelly, a chocolate or two, sometimes a pack of crisps, etc. And, of course, chai was a must… sometimes coffee too …. 

Saturday, 7 September 2019

Fitness Diary: Breakfast

Since I embarked on this journey of a healthy lifestyle, I get a lot of questions on what diet I am on and what is my weight loss plan. The best way for me was to break down the information in a series of posts as there is no fancy plan but, just a list of things that work for me.