Thursday, 20 July 2017

Information: Documents/Processes When Exiting Malaysia

This is going to be a simple straight forward post for anyone who may need this information. 

The reason why I am posting this is that while I was going through this whole process I was looking for similar information and I had to call up people who had left Malaysia to check how it all worked. Most had their processes done by agencies and complained of horrible experiences. I did all this myself except for visa cancelation and it was all easy peesy! So, leaving my experience in this post, hope it benefits you! 

So, before migrating to Australia, I was working in Malaysia on a work permit or commonly known as EP (Employment Pass) which was done by my company. These were the things I did before exiting. 

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Life in Adelaide - First Impressions!

Helloooooo world! 

Here comes my first post from south of Australia! I know I have neglected my blog for a long time but moving is not easy! I keep reminding myself that I moved a “whole continent” to feel less guilty for the procrastination! and it works like magic! I am here finally and I thought of giving you my first impressions of this totally new place that is now my home. 

I have been in Adelaide, South Australia for more than a month. It is known as a quiet, small, slow paced city but I think most of us have it wrong - at least I had it really wrong.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Love Letter to Malaysia...

My Dear Malaysia, 

Some love stories never end; and such is our love story. Even though, we may be physically away from each other but your warmth and what I took from you will remain with me for a long time. 

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

My hand knitted Gift

Mum visited me last month and I took time off from blogging to spend with her. Mum has been to Malaysia quite a lot and has seen most of the touristy things. So she wanted this trip to be a relaxed one where she hoped to unwind and rest. She asked us not to plan any short trips, picnics, parties or shopping sprees as we always do when she is here. Instead, she just wanted to go slow, watch TV, have long conversations, and eat her Malaysian favourites. A few shopping trips sneaked here and there (unavoidable they are, I tell you!) and we took her to all her favourite places to eat and watched movies.....  but, on most days, Mum and I just sat together and talked about everything under the sun with cups of Kashmiri chai or doodh patti in our hands just like two best friends do! I did not want her vacation to end but time flies by so fast! She went back last Thursday

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Hahndorf Adelaide - An Introduction

In February 2017, I visited Australia the 2nd time. I spent a fews days in Melbourne and then took a flight to Adelaide, South Australia. Hubby also accompanied me on the second leg of the trip. This trip was very special for both of us as it was not only a get away from work but also we were to meet someone special. My (almost) childhood friend who only studied with me in school but remained in touch through all stages of life (in pre internet and pre Facebook era) even when we lived in different cities and later different countries. Our husbands were Facebook friends for ages and this was the first time we were all meeting in person!

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Thaipusam Festival - Picture Story

Batu Caves During Thaipusam Festival
There are certain things that I need to do because I am a photographer's wife. Like sometimes help him with his projects; be that helper who holds the photographer's bag and lens. Do I enjoy it? Most of the times yes! I don't know if my interest and curiosity about different cultures and traditions is because of his urge to capture them. But, I feel great that I get to experience such diversity! I saw Thaipusam festival in 2015 with my husband and I wanted to share with you some photographs and all that I know!

All photographs by

Monday, 30 January 2017

Hubby's Birthday at Yellow Apron

This year my best friend, my hubby, turned 40 (MashAllah). We normally do not exchange gifts on birthday nor we believe in big celebrations. But, I thought 40 is a milestone - marking not only his birthday but also the fact that we have been married for 10 years now. So, I decided to a throw a little party with close friends as I don't have any family living in Malaysia just to break our own unspoken rules :D.I normally host dinners at home but his birthday, 25th Jan 2017, was right in the middle of week giving me really a tough schedule to cook and plan everything. I find it more fun to celebrate the birthday on the actual day, so, I decided to do it at a restaurant so that we both can also enjoy the party without having to worry about cooking and serving.