Sunday, 3 December 2017

The 'Constants' - Old & New

Last night, hubby displayed his work for the first time in Adelaide. He was one of the 30 photographers chosen for Project Street 7:30. All the photographers got together at 7:30am and did street photography in Adelaide's city centre. One best photograph of each participating photographer was selected, printed and exhibited at 7:30pm at one of the best printing labs in Adelaide, Atkins Pro Lab. Every print was auctioned later in the night to generate money for charity.

The exhibition was open to public, friends and family. We had a rocking night. The work displayed was very diverse. It was an amazing experience for hubby who beamed with happiness on working with fellow photographers! MashAllah.

This photograph is one of the many Ahsan took for this project. He selected a different one to display but this stole my heart. So, I stole it from him for this post.

This photograph is emotionally evocative for me. Ahsan has been trying to explain the technique he has used to capture it, but, I for some reason could only focus on the red light. To me, the red traffic light is a sign of familiarity, association, routine and of a 'constant' in chaos.... this photograph is a representation of my thoughts.....

When Ahsan did his first exhibition in Malaysia, we knew only a handful of people. Away from home and family, I don't know how my hubby gets the courage to showcase his work! Anyways, I still remember each and everyone who came to show their support as it meant a lot to us! In 9 years, Ahsan did many exhibitions; some of his own work and some of his projects. We thoroughly enjoy meeting new people that came to these exhibitions. New faces is a sign of the success of the event. But, secretly we were also addicted to a pattern that had formed in all these years; a routine that was familiar and predictable that provided comfort and assurance every time the room filled with strangers.

The presence of that one friend who attended all of Ahsan's exhibitions in all these years despite his hectic work. Sometimes he came straight from work and sometimes directly from the airport after an off-site meeting. And then there was this friend who rescheduled his meetings every time to make sure he was there. And then a friend who came every single time and every single time she told me that she does not understand art at all but she comes for us! There was this friend who always said he would not be able to make it but he always managed to be there somehow.

And then there was this group that used to take responsibilities without being told... they used to get so engrossed in their roles that they would know more about the event than me. And then there was this friend who made sure that Ahsan and I have a photograph together on the event. And then there was my boss who always asked me to put a reminder on his calendar and a colleague who reminded me to go back home early! A friend who sent flowers and a friend who always got stuck in traffic and reached when it was all closing.

If you have recognized yourself, please know that we missed you!

I was flooded with these memories as I got ready for the event - the first in this new city. And it warmed my heart that someone was willing to come early to walk with me to the venue. Ahsan was beaming in a circle of friends who came sharp on time when I reached the exhibition. Someone left live cricket match in Adelaide Oval to be by our side and then there was this friend who was delighted to be the highest bidder for Ahsan's print! Life is full of beautiful surprises!

Such events always make me nostalgic and emotional. I cried a little when I came home as my heart was bursting with gratitude for the 'constants' in life - old and new that are 'Our Light' in chaos.

Thank you <3


  1. You know who 😘3 December 2017 at 11:53

    Beautifully written, my tributes to all the constants in your life, may they remain constant always by your side, inshaAllah and ameen

  2. We have been through the similar feelings. You have expressed it beautifully.

  3. The blur of the images bring a sadness. How many people have passed that spot? Where were they going? Moments gone.. Very beautifully captured ~ Aisha Ch