Sunday, 27 May 2018

Heart Talk: Fasting

Hubby & I decided a few years ago that Ramazan for us will be less about food and more about celebrating it in its actual spirit. Hard to believe as we are foodies big time but in the month of Ramazan instead of having a table with a variety of food, we try to choose healthier options and focus more on our acts than on what we eat. Not saying that we do not enjoy the delicacies of this month but, that we make a conscious effort to minimize focus on feasting. I feel that we should spiritually improve ourselves each year. One thing that I feel very strongly is not isolating this religious obligation but, incorporating Ramazan in my daily life as naturally as possible. I never use 'fasting' as an excuse to not work, to not perform my duties diligently or to be angry or annoyed. During fasting, I am not entitled to do less work or to get away with being nasty because I was 'hangry'. While I am at work or when I am dealing with anyone else, I keep reminding myself that I am in a state of prayers and while I need to suppress the urge to eat and drink, I have a bigger responsibility of using self-control in other aspects of life. I pat myself every time I win a situation where I remain quiet in respect of this holy month.
May Almighty provide us with the opportunities to improve and grow spiritually and be better human beings.

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