Wednesday, 2 December 2020

Quick Review: Summer Land Camel Skin Care Products

Last week, I received a lovely gift from Summer Land Camelsan Australian company that makes skincare & dairy products using camel milk. 

Last week I also shared in my stories a very personal struggle of dealing with my husband’s psoriasis; an autoimmune skin condition that can only be controlled with lifestyle changes, care and the usage of right products. While searching something beneficial for him, I came across the numerous benefits of camel milk and how it boosts the immune system and especially the wonders it does for skin…. be it just maintenance of healthy skin through daily nutrition or managing an aggressive condition like eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis or acne. 

Ahsan has been using all three products regularly since we received the package. His skin is super sensitive and would have responded immediately if the products were not suiting him. He says that the moisturiser, especially, has a very calming effect and it soothes the irritation. In fact, for light irritation, he used the moisturiser instead of medicated cream and felt an instant relief. I can’t be happier that we may have found a way to manage psoriasis using all natural products that are easily available and suitable for all skin types. 

We will be observing more to see all its benefits. I will share an awareness post about psoriasis, recommended products and lifestyle changes needed.

But, if you are looking for good skincare products, I’d say explore Summer Land Camel's range and give their products a try. 

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