Saturday, 21 November 2015

Random, Restless & Lazy ....

When I announced about the blog on Facebook earlier this week, my mind was overflowing with ideas. There is so much that I want on this blog. Book reviews, movie reviews, food reviews, product reviews, travel experiences, photographs, recipes and whatnot.  My so very important point of views on the social and political issues. Lessons learned and Inspiring little success stories and everything else that I could think of. Until .... I actually sat down to write my first blog. Is there anything like a blogger’s block? I certainly have it. As if all the ideas have frozen and I really can’t even write a single coherent post.

The good news is that in order to avoid the blank laptop screen staring at me,  I have actually done quite a few things around the house. Kitchen cabinets have been cleaned, laundry was done, wardrobes sorted, a new reading list made, and I have seen all the photo albums again. I even baked a bread! 

The bad news is that none of the above could thaw the idea-spot in my brain. And nothing much is left to do around the house unless I decide to do another round. So I decided to face this white space and fill it with my random thoughts. In my profile I have already described myself as 'random, restless and lazy', I'll make sure that my post is reflective of my characteristics. The least I can do for now. On top of that, I am writing something after ages. My writing skills feel rusty as I have only used them in last few years to write texts messages, update statuses and resumes and for composing one-liner (or at the most 5 liners) emails. I think it will take a while for me to get my flair for writing in action to produce something coherent and focused. Please bear with me but trust me things will get better than this! 

A little introduction to the blog: I created and chose the name of this blog a few years ago. Sadly now that I have finally decided to use it, I am not in the ‘girl’ age bracket anymore but shamelessly I will continue to use the same name. Lately, I have become conscious of my age and have this constant urge to do something meaningful before it's late. The name probably will give me energy and motivation. However, the word ‘ordinary’ is the very basis of this blog. My intention is to celebrate the ordinary moments of life. It is very easy to celebrate big events in life like a wedding, promotion, new job, new car, the birth of a baby etc. but it is never easy to find something inspiring in your everyday life. I strongly believe that actual happiness is not when we achieve milestones in life but in the journey that brings us to those milestones. My idea of this blog was to be aware and thankful for all little ordinary things that combine to form the extraordinary.

So.... ‘The Ordinary Girl’ will celebrate everything. Be it her eating adventures or her obsession with weight control (the impossible quest). Her lavish shopping sprees or her desire to save money (the impossible quest).  Her simple joys of watching rainfall from the balcony to thunderous emotions waiting to explode.  A vacation at a beautiful destination to just sitting on the couch sipping tea and reading a book.

Here is hoping next post will be better! 


  1. ...and who says this entry isn't perfect?! There is an ordinary "girl" in all of us! I am already identifying with this blog strongly :) so here's to more ordinary posts that will make uo an extraordinary blog....cheers!

  2. I remember a certain email about a certain immigration document that was slightly longer than a 5-liner and cc-ed to the whole world :p
    Bravo, so proud of you!

  3. Congratulations not so ordinary beginnings! Great work .The ideas and the theme completely resonate with me .

  4. Congratulations not so ordinary beginnings! Great work .The ideas and the theme completely resonate with me .

  5. Thank you so much for all these encouraging comments! Super Energy boosters ;)

  6. I like the fact that a single blog entry can make one so productive ;) next thing we know you will be flying solo around the world to clear the blogger's block!!

  7. Good start of the blog, 'Ordinary Girl'. And I believe there is and would be good message and reminder for readers of this blog to appreciate and cherish the little 'ordinary' things and being able to relate to this at the same time, due to the light cosy nature of it. God Speed!