Saturday, 2 June 2018

Heart Talk: Birthday

Three days ago I celebrated my first birthday in Adelaide. A day full of surprises and I felt truly blessed to be surrounded by so much love in a city that is still new-ish to me. Even though every year someone reminds me that after this number it is down the hill, birthdays still excite me! 

I have turned 36 and trust me it feels that every additional candle on my cake makes it better than the last one. 

However, this birthday I reflected on the way I am changing as I grow. I did a comparison with my younger self and outlined some changes that I am quite proud of. Just to be sure that this not a phase, I will leave them in this post so that I can keep myself on the track. 

Here we go: 

I am now more open to change the way I think if I am convinced that it is not right. Just because I ‘used’ to do something a certain way or because I have ‘always’ done it a certain way is not the reason for me to keep on doing it if I have found a better alternative. I thought with age I will be rigid but I find myself more flexible and agreeable.

I am financially more independent now than I ever was but, I find myself making more practical purchases than I did when I was 26. I have in the wardrobe clothes that I bought a couple of years ago and I still wear them proudly. There was a time when my wardrobe changed with every season but now I think 'Quality vs. Quantity' has finally sunk in. I asked hubby at gunpoint if this is true and he agrees as well.

I do not waste food. I make sure that everything that is cooked in my house is fully consumed and that nothing goes in the waste bin. While ordering food at a restaurant or cooking at home for a party, I never order or cook more than what is needed. 

I spend more money and energy on travelling and exploring than on material stuff. I follow travellers, bloggers and wanderers more than designers and celebrities on social media. I surprise myself by saying yes to the most the spontaneous travel plans. Camping and backpacking seem more plausible now than it did when I could have done it more easily. hmmm! 

I draw inspiration from stories of ordinary people or ordinary stories of famous people. A courageous and good heart is above the number of followers or popularity for me. 


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  1. You are definitely becoming mature my dear 😘