Friday, 10 November 2017

Modest Look With

One thing that often makes me miss home is the shopping! You know how it is when you shop back in your hometown - the fashions and trends are according to your liking and you have your pet shops. Moving to a new country and especially when you choose not to live in a major metropolitan city, shopping for clothes that you used to love becomes really boring and unfulfilling if I may say that ;).

I dress up modestly - loose and comfortable clothes that cover me fully but still be stylish with a dash of colour. Actually for me a splash of colour. So, I decided to create a look would be my style of dressing using Shein clothes and accessories, an online store which has LOTS of good stuff to choose from.

Here is a glimpse of my wishlist. Please read why I made these choices:

If comfort for you is as important as it is for me, these super wide-leg pants, I believe, are a must-have in anyone's closet. Thye can be used with a number of tops, blouses and even T-shirts coupled with colourful scarves and accessories. I would love to have them in different colours. Shein also had printed options which would look gorgeous with plain tops.

Check out these pants here! Currently at 60% off!

I paired the pants with a plain white cotton blouse so that you have room to play with colours. You can add scarves or accessories. I deliberately chose a striped one as it creates a slimmer look and is not outrightly plain and boring. I love the eyelets on the shoulder. The sleeves are short but I always wear something on the outside like a jacket or a bolero so, these work fine for me. I adore the simplicity of this blouse.

See the blouse here.

 This is my absolute favourite and the highlight of this look. It adds the perfect dash of colours and life that I feel is very important. I always prefer adding colours using an outwear instead of buying a super colourful top as with a jacket like this,  you get a lot of flexibility to create different looks. Those who wear scarves will have plenty of colour options to choose from with this jacket. This jacket will provide the ideal sleeves length. It can be paired with jeans or skirts or a long dress or jumpsuit.  Buy it now at 60% off here.

For this look, I selected really light accessories and a pair of nude block heels as I want my colourful jacket to stand out.

Check out the accessories here and the huge shoe collection here.

This cute little crochet bag with tassels will give an overall casual and comfortable feel. Such bags add an air of youthfulness and energy. And who doesn't love tassels anyways? 

You can get this adorable bag here

This whole look is created in $140 with the shoes being the most expensive item.

What do you guys think?

Next, I will do the must-haves in your wardrobe :)


  1. Wear it all and send pictures in your new look 😍

  2. love your styling choices but that shoe is my favourite! So elegant and chic :)

  3. amé la bolsa de crochet, se ve muy delicada, Bohemia y femenina.

  4. I love the pants and the bag! I can really appreciate a simple outfit like this that's sensible and yet still feminine. Nice job, especially finding these great deals!

  5. I LOVE that jacket and that purse! They are absolutely gorgeous! I need to save up for them!

  6. I agree, I think dressing modestly is classy. I have used SheIn in the past to shop and have always been happy. You have a great sense of style and I love all these recommendations. Especially the eyelet jacket! So cute! May have to go buy it now :)

  7. I really love your diversity of your choosing style. and that wide leg pants looks so cozy.

  8. I love the wide legged pants but I'm afraid it would not suit me because I'm short. I have been wanting to shop at Shein for a a while now. I might give it a shot one day.

  9. I've been dying to get culottes or palazzo pants but am super nervous about how they will look on me. I'm 5'1 so I already have trouble finding pants in my size ha!

  10. I like Shein, it has great clothes. I like pants and shoes which you chose.
    Maybe you wanna follow each other? Let me know on my blog.
    Have a nice day!