Friday, 13 April 2018

Heart Talk: Life Lessons

I have been going with Ahsan for photo shoots as a helper since he started his photography business. My job is usually to take care of his camera bag while he does all the work. Sometimes he sets the camera for me and I do take a few photographs here and there but that is it. Most of the time, I do absolutely nothing. It may sound cumbersome but I LOVE this part of my life. You cannot imagine how many times I have been a part of someone’s celebration that I did not even know. I have laughed with strangers and cried at weddings of people I had just met. I can’t count how many times I smiled at guys trying to pose to make their partner happy or tickled babies to make them laugh. I have assured random women that they look perfect. In bigger projects, I have come close to many families. I know stories of people I may never meet again. I even enjoy corporate sessions or product photography as there is always something new to learn. Sometimes I end up making friends too  I have met people who inspire me in the first meeting. After every photo shoot, I am as excited to see the results as his clients, if not more.

Empathy, tolerance, acceptance are a few things that I have learned in life by holding a camera bag. However, my photography skills are still limited to selfies.

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