Sunday, 22 April 2018

Heart Talk: My heart is Full

Today, after many days I woke up with a full heart. I had lost my peace of mind over something and yesterday as if I found some answers to the ‘what’ and ‘why’. It took a 2 hours conversation with an old friend to help me realize that I had not changed as a person but, I was letting someone else's expectations of me dictate my emotions. It is strange how bigger and obvious issues in life are easier to resolve but matters of the heart are like a splinter which you can't see but it keeps pinching you. You have to be absolutely STILL, hold your breath and slowly remove it. The pain and probably the scar remains for a while but you get on the road to healing. I haven't reached a full closure yet but, now it does not matter. I have freed myself from carrying the baggage of guilt that was thrust on me but, it was not mine, to begin with.

I feel liberated. The morning looks beautiful. And my cup of tea tastes heaven!

Getting back to the dirty dishes & laundry

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