Sunday, 22 July 2018

Heart Talk: Working in Foreign Country

The most difficult thing that you face when you move or migrate to a new country is building your identity from scratch. No matter what school/university you have studied from, no matter what famous companies you have on your CV and no matter how many recommendation letters you carry, all these have very little weight in most cases, if not all. That is why it is very difficult to find the right job. And If you find a job relevant to your field, even then you need to work really hard to build your credibility and prove your worth. The hard work doubles because you have to prove yourself as a professional and get accepted socially as well and there are many other issues on a personal level that keep building on. You will feel that people at work hesitate to talk to you because you are from a different cultural background. It mostly happens because they try to be cautious to not say/do something that may upset you but, you start feeling socially isolated at work and all this is emotionally draining.  

The only way to go through all of this without letting it demotivate you is to EXPECT it and ACCEPT it as soon as you can. Walk your way through it with optimism and hope. Don’t take rejections personally and do not let them shatter your confidence. 

It is one of the toughest phases but, it does not last forever. 

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