Sunday, 3 March 2019

Short Travel Story: TDF Ghar, Karachi

One of the new places that I went to in Karachi was The Dawood Foundation (TDF) Ghar. A place from where I finally managed to get a photograph with Karachi’s iconic landmark; mausoleum of Quaid e Azam, the founder of Pakistan. Built in the 1930s, this home was fighting legal issues since 1991 when it was occupied by land grabbing mafia. Finally, in 2016 the case ended and it is now turned into a public space. It has been kept in its original condition with some restoration work. You will be fascinated by the handcrafted tiles, lamps, grills and rooms decked with antiques and collectables that are almost 90 years old. 

TDF Ghar is a museum plus space where people can socialize, read, share ideas and learn. There are rooms and space available for conducting workshops, training and meetings. There is also an in-house cafe and you can have food sitting in the veranda or up the rooftop to have a scenic view of Karachi. 

The place has a lot of potential and I think is done quite well. Though I hate to admit I did not like the food there but still fell in love with the overall concept, preservation and utilization of this cultural heritage.

There is an entry fee of Rs.50 per person and to use a DSLR camera you need to take permission before visiting.

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