Monday, 25 February 2019

Review: Cakesville (Karachi Pakistan)

Usually, I am quite a good sport and love challenges in life except.... baking! This is the only challenge in life that I gave up after a few flopped experiments including one in which I sent a half baked cake to my to-be (at that time) mother in law. She still accepted me as her daughter in law though 😀 But, I knew that not everyone will be as kind as her in life so I gave up on baking to avoid such life-threatening risks! My love for cakes and especially homemade cakes, however, just keeps getting stronger. 

My (kind of) cousin started her little cake venture in Karachi and for a year or so from the other side of the world I just drooled over the pictures she uploaded and marvelled at how each cake got better and better. The self-taught baker behind Cakesville makes amazing cakes and I can say that now because I tried her most famous Butterscotch Cake in Karachi. It was one good looking cake - soft and light with the right amount of everything. 
Yes, there are many soft, tasty and good looking cakes out there so here is that one magic ingredient that makes Cakesville different... Her cakes are also full of LOVE & you can feel that love in every bite you take.... you can feel it when someone puts their heart into something.... Sachi! 

PS: Aur yeh tareef bilkul sach hay kion kay rishtay mein tou mein unki nand lagti hoon....

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