Friday, 27 December 2019

Fitness Diary: How I Started Gym

Since three people asked me to post my gym routine.... here is the first part.... 💁‍♀️
Disclaimer: Six months down the lane, I still consider myself a novice when it comes to using gym equipment to their full potential. I wanted to add physical activity in my life and although fitness was more on the agenda, I did want to lose weight too. 

So... when I started the gym, it was only a 30 minutes walk on a treadmill. The goal was to be regular (go every alternate day) and do a physical activity for 30 minutes. I started at a slow speed of 5-6 but made sure that I spend half an hour continuously walking. It was very boring. I was hardly losing any calories nor was I sweating. So after a week, I decided to try running. I could not run even for a minute when I tried the first time...and that took me to my next goal.
I would do brisk walking, increase speed to run for a minute and then slow down to walk again. I was basically practicing running without tiring (read killing) myself. With time I kept increasing the running time from a minute to two to five and eventually the day I had built stamina to run straight ten minutes was my first victory. Slow but steady I achieved it after 1.5 months. 
I was sweating, shedding calories and feeling extremely motivated.... 
Then I moved on to explore other things at the gym.... 
Continued in the next post....

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