Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Review: Kufic Calligraphy by Fasih Qureshi

Yesterday I shared a little home decor update on my stories where we put up this beautiful calligraphic painting on one of the walls and I gave all the tips and tricks of how to hang paintings efficiently etc etc but the painting stole the show and my inbox got flooded with questions about it!

This kufic calligraphy is 99 names of Allah the Almighty. These names are His attributes like love, kindness, compassion, justice etc. Along with adding immeasurable beauty to our living area, the painting serves as reminder to incorporate these names in our daily prayers.
So, let me introduce my amazing fine artist brother-in-Law,
Fasih uddin Qureshi
, who very lovingly made this and gave this perfect gift to us when we were leaving Pakistan. Fasih bhai does this calligraphic work on orders along with his other non-figurative work. While I lived in Pakistan, I would go to his house and whichever painting I’d put my hand on, he’d ensure it reaches me. Earlier this year, I bought a painting from him for my mother and he not only made it but also framed it and delivered to her in a different city. His paintings and calligraphic pieces are essential in homes of all our family members around the globe and once you go through his work, you will understand why…
Leaving his website here for you:
And link especially for his calligraphic work:

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