Saturday, 15 February 2020

Heart Talk: Meet PY & J

Meet PY & J, my lunch buddies …J is the tallest one in this photograph… 

We started off as regular work-lunch buddies...a common term at my workplace in Malaysia. But, we were always together on all events and official trips! When I moved to Adelaide both of them surprised me by coming to the airport to send me off. A few months later PY moved to Amsterdam, placing all three of us on different continents. We kept planning a girl's trip in 2018 and 2019 and that failed to materialize in either year mainly because I needed time to settle. In 2020, I planned my holiday around the time PY was visiting Malaysia for CNY to at least have a reunion if not a girl's trip. 
… The much-awaited reunion of three continents as I like to glorify it happened. We met a few times during my stay. We also had lunch at our ‘unofficially official’ cafeteria! It felt so good.. just like good ol’ times. 
When I look at diversity the three of us bring to the table, I feel so blessed to have this bond that is now based on nothing but massive mutual respect of the different lives we are leading…..there is no baggage, no expectations, no maintenance issues... 
With time I have come to water such relationships more where we have space and freedom to be what we are, have the liberty to hibernate if need be, delay trips and cancel meetups and yet show up when we can without an ounce of guilt. While there is acceptance of different beliefs and values but, most importantly there is tolerance and respect for different perspectives on the same thing or the allowance to enjoy a different level or type of association with the same people. I have seen so many friendships dying because there is no room for change. A friendship needs to foster growth and change as people in it move on in their lives... 
Meet PY & J, my two cherished friends 
….we have planned a girl's trip yet again for 2021… because one person in this photograph has never had a girl's trip and two people have not seen Adelaide! 
Will it happen or not? … Only time will tell!

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