Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Travel Diary: Tadom Hill Resort, Malaysia

Our super amazing friends in Malaysia planned a picnic while we were there. Luckily, it was on a public holiday because of the Chinese New Year and also Mr. Husband’s birthday. Not only the birthday cake and celebrations were a total surprise but, also Tadom Hill Resorts, built almost entirely out of bamboo was an amazing surprise too. None of us had been to this hidden gem before. 

45km from Kaula Lumpur, Tadom Hill resort is a perfect place to spend time with family, friends and also for team-building. You can book the bamboo-inspired chalets and rooms or just get a day pass from 9am to 9pm which is inclusive of activities like swimming, water slide, jumping deck, bamboo rafting, etc. You can additionally buy other activities like Paintball, Gocart, water bicycles and others. There are all kinds of activities that will keep everyone occupied. 
You can bring your own food. BBQ pits can be rented and charcoal is provided. We, of course, had enough food to feed an entire village or hold a mini wedding party plus we did some bbq as well. Kids enjoyed all kinds of activities while we stuffed ourselves and moved a tiny bit to play some cricket. 
The resort is pretty clean - approved by mum and I think quite a unique place to spend a day or maybe two! 
Check out the website here:

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