Saturday, 27 April 2019

Heart Talk: A Fulfilling Weekend

Do you know that Pakistan and Malaysia rank 4th and 5th on the list of top 10 countries with most public holidays? I am very sure that it does not record the ones that are announced when matches are won. 

Australia has the lowest number of Public holidays! 

So out of the 10 holidays that we get in a year here, we just had 4 of them in this last week. Good Friday, Easter Saturday, Easter Monday - giving us a 4 day weekend and Anzac Day which is today. I had nothing planned for these days, no agenda but, to just get up each day and do whatever... 
Here is what we did:
1. Went for a walk to see Morialta Falls early morning on Friday
2. Had Halwa Poori breakfast 
3. Hubby tried a new biryani recipe and I made gajar ka halwa for friends 
4. Had leftover halwa poori breakfast 
5. Had leftover biryani and gajar ka halwa
6. Woke up on Monday and decided to go explore Mount Lofty
7. Had the most beautiful time and the most stunning autumn photographs 
8. Went to Ikea
9. Had Video chats with mum daily
10. Had chai as many times as I wanted 
Now sitting on the couch, sipping some tea and wondering how fulfilling this unplanned weekend turned out to be! 
I rate it 10/10

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  1. I'd never want to live in Australia with such a low number of holidays. Jbtw, which country is on the top of the list?