Wednesday, 26 May 2021

When HE plans...

This Ramzan was really special for me. This was the first time in the longest while that I was not working during this month. I thoroughly enjoyed my predawn meals, enjoyed my prayers, finished recitation of Quran, experimented with cooking, had most iftars at home… immensely enjoyed this slow but extremely fulfilling routine. I don’t know when I will get another chance to experience Ramzan like this because even this was not planned by me. 

Last year when I walked out from my workplace for the last time, I was filled with fears. My husband’s photography business was not doing well because of Covid and it was not the best time to be without a job. Next day I was frantically applying for jobs because I wanted a replacement of what I had just lost. There was no pressing need for a job other than the financial aspect of it. Disheartened by the rejections in a non-favourable job market, I stopped praying for work instead I prayed to be led to whatever was best for me. I remember coming out of a job interview for which I was not selected, to my hubby breaking the news that our application for Adelaide Central Market (Foodie &Mrs) pop stall was approved. We decided to focus all our energy on that; to make the best of what was in our hands. I stopped applying for jobs and instead cooked and baked to my heart’s content and slightly more. The stall was a lot of hard work that I couldn’t have managed if I had a job. It was a success. Ahsan’s photography work started picking up slowly which meant I could enjoy the luxury of being at home for a little bit more. 

Who could have imagined that a loss that I was mourning a few months back was actually a push out of my comfort zone, an opportunity for me to test my other skills, a chance to be there for my husband as he grieved the untimely death of his brother, a way to keep sane as my mother and brother fought corona… and a chance for me to truly enjoy this blessed month… 

Quran says, “They plan, and Allah plans. Surely, Allah is the Best of planners.”

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