Wednesday, 26 May 2021

Food Review: MK Burger, Adelaide


I am always in search of places with a casual feel where I can fully enjoy my food. One place that has become a frequent spot to visit for us is 
@mkburgerjoint. A casual, well designed burger place that is ideal for hanging out with family and friends. It is not only our ‘Go to’ place but also our ‘Take to’ place whenever we need to treat someone. 

My husband who is a burger fan has tried all the burgers from their menu. I being a chicken lover, love the Spicy Chicken Burger with jalapeños and chipotle mayo. Yes, I know that beef burger is the real deal... although there are plenty on the menu already, I am sharing photograph (SWIPE ➡️) of a new addition in the range of beef burgers that will be available next week! A hint of spice, succulent juicy patty and crunchy onions, my foodie hubby has approved the new flavour! 

Nachos, loaded fries, shakes, coffees, waffles and kid’s menu ... there is something for everyone. 

The chicken and meat used is halal giving us the peace of mind to order anything without a second thought. 

Check them out here:

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