Saturday, 2 April 2016

Samad Al Iraqi Restaurant

Friday Night Out...  We went to Samad Al Iraqi Restaurant with our friends on Friday. It is situated at Menara Prestige, Jalan Pinang; walking distance from Petronas Twin Towers. It was a last minute plan but I am really glad that we chose this place because we all had a good time.

I love Arabic food and once in a while, hubby and I go to our pet places to satisfy the cravings. I have tried Arabic, Syrian, Iranian and Yemenese food but this was my first Iraqi experience!

I was going through their website and I found that only the location of Dubai branches has been updated. I will leave the complete address in the end of the blog for you to locate it easily.

Here is what I think of the place and food ... 

Samad Al Iraqi is a beautiful restaurant and has been set up using traditional elements for decor. The beautiful chandeliers and windows give it a grand feel. With light traditional music in the background and smiling staff, we were sure that we had made the right choice.

I loved the attention to details like the tiles on the floor and the huge painting on the wall depicting Iraqi traditions. 

Once we were seated, they served us complimentary lentil soup, naan and homemade pickle. There was an empty bowl on every table which they kept refilling with huge, hot and fresh naans!

My friend who had recommended the place had heard a lot about their famous Fish Masgouf which is Iraq's national dish. Its cooking involves several process and the staff told us it takes them 45 minutes to prepare it. It is sold by weight and the minimum they have is 3Kgs. We were too hungry to wait and were just 4 people. There were many things on the menu that looked tempting so we decided that we will go back again with a bigger group to have just Fish Masgouf.  

After the complimentary starters we jumped directly to the main course though, they have a big variety of starters on the menu. We ordered four dishes and a dessert.

1. Kebab Samad: Delicious Kebabs which were very succulent and juicy.  

Kebab Samad
2. Beef Shawarma: It was OKAY. I missed the sauces and side dishes that are served with Shawarmas at other Arabic restaurants like pickled onions and jalapenos. The taste was good but I have had better Shawarmas
Beef Shawarma
 3. Dlemeya: There was a layer of naan, a bed of rice and on top a lamb shank. The shank was tender and juicy and did not have any lamb smell! I cannot take lamb which has the peculiar smell so I have to mention this! Hubby enjoyed this the most. His favourite of the day!

4. Quzi Al Sham: My order!! It looked so mysteriously tempting on the menu that I just had to order it. And it was a like a pot of surprises... Who doesn't like surprises?

Quzi Al Sham
We all tried to guess what was inside until I cut it open. Lo and behold..there was rice, beef, almonds, pine nuts, pistachios and cardamom and when I thought that I had discovered it all, I found a chicken drumstick! All that you need was in this treasure pot. The beef was so tender that it was melting in the mouth!

5. And of course we had to order dessert as my dinner is not complete without satisfying my sweet tooth. we ordered Konafa with cheese which was bigger than I had anticipated. All four of us shared and enjoyed one big serving
Konafa with Cheese
I think this Konafa would have tasted better if it was served with vanilla ice cream because that is how I had the first time when I fell in love with it. My expectation was that it will be in a hot place with bubbling sugar syrup and ice cream on top. But may be that's not how they have it in Iraq.

While we waited for the dessert, the very courteous and attentive staff at the restaurant served us complimentary Iraqi tea with fresh mint which we needed desperately after stuffing ourselves with all the awesome food! Don't forget that they kept filling the bowl on our table with hot naans whenever it was empty!

I think overall my experience was quite good. I loved the traditional touch in their decor and presentation and the food was also great. Loved their complimentary soup, pickle and tea and the constant replenishment of naans. I will definitely go back for the Masgoufi Fish with a bigger group of friends!

I would recommend it to anyone who loves trying different cuisines and if you are looking for a nice semi formal place for dinner, Samad Al Iraqi is the place to be.

Over all, we paid RM68 per person excluding drinks as we ordered only mineral water.

Here is their complete address...

Unit G-3, G Floor, Menara Prestige, No. 1, Jalan Pinang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

 Do try it!

This was written on their menu: 


  1. Your pics made me hungry, and I just had dinner. LOL. Somewhere to consider trying when next in KL.

  2. you make me hungry , yes that's the Iraqi restaurant way to keep the table full on naan/khubuz all the time and because we r few Iraqi here in Malaysia we don't have a lot of choices to find our restaurants here as long as our menu is really rich with different types of food which is totally different with another arabian countries , but we been lucky that samad is here and my advice for you to try ask the samad if they can prepare something called dolma for u next time and I highly recommended to try our traditional breakfast which is called "baqla bl dihn", don't laugh on me bcuz I comment here after few years of your visiting that place but today I was hungry and try to figure out if there is a new Iraqi restaurant opened here in kl then I saw what u wrote , ^_^ have a lucky day