Sunday, 14 April 2019

Heart Talk: Life With a Creative Partner

Life with a creative partner… 

When Ahsan’s sister told us that he is studying film production to be a ‘cinematographer’, there was silence in the drawing room for a bit. Yes, ours was an arranged marriage and this was the first time his family came over. I, for one, did not know how to pronounce the word cinematographer, let alone know what such a fancy professional did. Back then I only knew few professions… doctor, engineer, teacher, chartered accountant. How did we end up getting married is a story for another post but, the point is that I married a cinematographer and entered into the world of creative people. 

While it is exhausting at times to keep up with his enthusiasm and it is almost a pain because I love to organize things while he insists to ‘see’ all his things lying around yet, the things that I love about my life outnumber the struggles. 
Here are some things I have learned from him and his circle of friends that we all need to incorporate in our lives. 

1. Creative people only compete with themselves. Motivation, enthusiasm, direction are their internal struggles. They do not bring their peers down. They value each other’s strengths and are able to identify weaknesses especially their own. No rants or ill feelings if someone else has achieved something. They truly understand that they will only get IT if they know IT and there are no other ways around IT. 

2. They value dreams, hobbies and aspirations of those around them as well. When most of us get caught up in the daily grind, our creative friends will keep reminding us of our passions and hobbies. My husband is not a reader and does not buy or collect books, though he is a walking and talking newspaper. However, he would go to any length to get me a book that I want. I have seen his friends appreciating and encouraging their spouses for doing something they love even if it is a tiny thing that keeps them motivated. My blog is another example of this. 

3. Because they understand that expression is very important, you will find them asking questions that compel you to see beyond the usual. They always have a different way of looking at things and they only believe in doing things that are satisfying. So when in a social gathering, I tell them about my job they never ask about the size of the business or evaluate my growth potential or question my performance. I get caught off guard by deeper questions like if my job makes me happy or if I enjoy my work. How many times do you look at your 9-5 job with such feels? You will have to… in the company of creative minds!

Cinematographer, by the way, is the art of photography and camerawork in film-making. 

… to be continued.

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