Saturday, 9 November 2019

Heart Talk: Choices

A few years ago Ahsan and I were at a very low point in our lives… both of us were jobless and we wanted to live in a country where having a job was the only way to secure a visa. With a friend, we sat down to see our options. The easiest option at that point required both of us to live in different countries. We both went silent on it. Our friend insisted on reasons and I couldn’t come up with any solid reason until he said, as if reading my mind, that I was allowed to say that I do not want to live away from my husband. But, he said that this ‘choice’ comes with responsibility and a price that we may have to pay. I was willing to choose a riskier path of trying my luck for jobs in limited time or going for another degree as an international student. Finding a job was very tough and getting a degree was costing us all our savings. But, it was a risk worth taking - for it was allowing us to follow our dream together. 

From that day onwards, this concept of choice, responsibility and its consequences has been one of the strongest driving forces behind making peace with my life. Sometimes I make the correct choices but, most of the time I do not. I blame myself for what I choose to do and I walk away when I am ready to pay the price of walking away.

Exceptions definitely apply but, in most cases in life, we do have the choice.….. to stay, to do, to try harder, to walk out, to walk in, to let go, to hold on.... as long as we are ready to face what comes with the choice...

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