Saturday, 12 December 2020

DIY Project: Bookshelf with Crates


A little DIY project where I made a bookshelf with crates from
for our hangout room (the 2nd room in the house with undecided future....)
It is said that a home without books is a home without soul. Even though my collection is very tiny thanks to our nomad life, it is an integral part of our home & I love to keep it where I can see it.
I already had a bookshelf which was tall and leaning because it was not fixed in the wall as it should have been. I did not want to nail anything or have any permanent feature in the room... at least for now. Also, the bookshelf was big for this small room.
Why crates? Because I wanted something budget friendly that I could build on if needed or tear down and still be able to use it later. Crates are always handy!
I also wanted to give this room a casual, light and friendly feel as we spend most of our time here instead of our lounge which is a bit more formal.
Watch a tiny reel I made while I assembled the crates and how the room looks:

So .... 6 crates.... 5 placed over one another and one used as a side table has given this room some openness, flat surfaces to put decorations on & space on the wall to hang hubby’s work.
As a second part of the project, I might paint these crates!
Yay or Nay?

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