Thursday, 30 November 2017

Monthly Journal

Monthly series which is round-up of activities of the month. Casual, brief and very random.

Hard for me to believe that November is over and I am stepping into the last month of 2017. Where did this year go? So much happened in this year that I think I just lost track of time. I am beginning to believe that it is a good thing and not a sign of ageing!

Fresh apples because I have started to daily have a fruit or two at work. And some fruit yoghurt instead of snacks that I used to munch on non-stop

November was a busy month for The Ordinary Girl as it the month when it all started; the blog I mean! Celebrated it with a giveaway that I did in collaboration with Enigma - House of Fashion & Design. One lucky winner from Pakistan won a truck art clutch. I hope I made someone as happy as I am whenever I carry this piece of art with me. And yeah, I never get tired of posting its pictures!

My blog post on my trip to Barossa was reposted by Live in Adelaide page. Tiny steps in a foriegn country that mean a lot to me!

Adelaide's weather is very unpredictable. Have I said that before? It starts with a cold, wintery morning and end on a hot summer night. We have four seasons in one day, really. I was warned about this before I moved here but I understood it only after experiencing it. So, though not too sure but it is summer season right now. It can be extremely hot one day and then a chill wind starts blowing the next day. During the hot days, I only feel excited because I can wear my kurtis and Kohla Puris!

Found an outlet of San Churros at a walking distance from home. Now I can have brownies and churros and fruits dipped in chocolate anytime! See how it is the total opposite of how this post started with a picture of healthy apples! Random! yes, I am :D

Latest drugstore favourite is this charcoal cleanser by Biore. I am obsessed with charcoal cleansers and masks after seeing all those miracle videos but had never bought anything. Charcoal by Biore is one of the best drugstore cleansers. I believe, it has really helped lighten scars and blemishes. Now, I want to try the scrub too.

Hello, December!  Too much to do, too little time!

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