Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Quick Review: The Desi Wonder Woman X India Trend Jewelry Collection

On my first birthday, I was dressed as a fairy. My dress, wings and the magic wand was made by my mum. There were homemade cat shaped cake and Swiss rolls in a variety of flavours. It is still one of the best ‘first birthday' ever done in the family. Thereon, my birthday was always celebrated with a grand party for friends and family until I entered the phase where I just wanted to party with my close friends. I would take them out for my birthday treat and spend all the birthday money that I used to ask my family to gift me instead of presents! 

After moving away from family and friends, I started appreciating quiet and simple birthday celebrations without dimming the excitement of being the birthday girl, of course. A slice of cake, birthday messages, a dinner or maybe not, a birthday gift that I got a week before or a week after the birthday - it did not matter. No rituals, no traditions and no expectations. Just a day where I had cake and lots of loving messages from all around the globe. 
But, I have set a birthday tradition for myself; to buy a gift for my own birthday. The idea was to buy something that I really wanted but, kept stalling because it seemed unnecessary or extravagant. 
I am a May baby… so this year when The Desi Wonder Woman launched her jewellery in May, it was as if it was meant to be. I ordered two of my favourite designs that she has named after cities of India and Pakistan, Aligarh in gold and Kashmir in silver colour. 
I absolutely love the designs and also the thoughtful concept behind these designs and the passion with which these pieces were created! 
See this link and you will understand what I mean: https://bit.ly/2ILRQYw

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