Sunday, 26 July 2020

Heart Talk: Behind some photographs, there is a story!

When we migrated to Australia in 2017, like all others our first concern was to find jobs. I managed to get appointment with a head-hunter after several tries. This was almost after a month of getting nothing, but rejections and I was quite down. I remember that while talking to her, at many points I was holding my tears. She promised me that she will arrange for a few interviews and will also get me in touch with some other recruiters. 

I came to hubby who was sitting in the car park and announced that I needed a formal jacket for all the interviews that she was lining up for me. Since we had a lot of time on hands, we directly went to a shopping mall. I went to this shop that had “Sale” and chose a very smart jacket for $49. Sounded like an amazing deal. I asked the salesgirl to put it aside while I just browsed the shop. When I went to pay, my jacket was put in a fancy hanger and a jacket cover and the salesgirl was a little too eager to serve me. Chatting happily, she asked me why I was buying the jacket and I told her it was for a job interview. She wished me good luck, chatted a bit more and said your bill is $249. 
…. Shocked… I checked the tag and yes….it was $249 and not $49. I realized why my jacket was getting that extra love. I stole a glance at hubby who told me to go ahead because it was too embarrassing to cancel the transaction after all the attention that we had enjoyed. I bought it. For hours we kept deliberating how we should have cancelled, returned, ran away etc etc… Luckily a few days later I wore that jacket to an interview (not through the head-hunter though) and got the job as well (Alhamdulillah). The jacket had done its job! 
It has since been hanging in the wardrobe in its fancy cover. Every now and then hubby reminds of its existence. Also every time I read a price from a price tag; he asks me to double check. 
A few days ago, I asked him to take a corporate photograph for me since he had this package on his page. I told him I will wear that “expensive jacket” after 3 long years. I got ready and all. When I put on the jacket... voila... it did not fit anymore. It was big for me. 
I got the photograph taken without it feeling a happy about losing weight and the not-so-happy-husband put the jacket back in its cover to hang in the closet for a little bit more!

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