Saturday, 11 July 2020

Review: Goat Karahi at Da Darbar

I am quite experimental when it comes to food and I never hesitate to different cuisines. I have got many favourites but, Pakistani food still remains the most favourite! ...And I have this special ‘kind of craving’ that can only be satisfied with naan and something very traditional. One such evening last week we decided to go to  Da Darbar to fix this craving. In South Australia the Covid-19 restrictions have eased considerably and restaurants are functioning within the eased guidelines. 

The chef at the restaurant recommended that I try their Goat Karahi (goat meat cooked in a wok with onions and tomatoes). Now the problem is that I avoid goat meat if its not home cooked and that too by my mum. I told him that if there is even a slight goat smell (which half of the time my husband thinks is just in my head) I will not even touch the food but, I had to give in to the two foodies, husband & the chef, who insisted that the goat karahi was a must try with the promise that there will not be any smell. 

Were they right? 

Absolutely… finger licking good goat karahi.. our clean plates and dish were a proof…. perfectly spiced… tender goat meat that melted in my mouth and Absolutely. No. Smell! A winner for sure! 

If you have similar desi food craving..... Da Darbar is the place to go!

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