Monday, 2 November 2020

DIY Project: Garden Shed

🗣We have done it!
If you have been watching my stories for last 3 days, you know what it is... and if you voted yes today, you deserve a cookie 🍪 for trusting me to complete this project!
For those who don’t know ... for the last 3 days we have been working on assembling our Garden Shed as a DIY project. I have a knack for assembling things and furniture but, this is the biggest project I have done so far and I am pretty proud of completing it.
It has a few mistakes here and there. I also had to buy tools in between and learn how to use them but, overall it is a job pretty well done 💪🏻
I am thinking of adding this achievement to my resume as well! What do you think?
PS: I have uploaded the stories on my Instagram (IGTV) ....don’t forget to check it out!

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