Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Heart Talk: What is Happiness?

During my Master’s course once we had a discussion on how there are no definite opposites of words. Like for the word love, hate is not a definite opposite.. it could also be loathe or detest or indifference or apathy… it depends on the situation and feelings. 

We also discussed how the comprehension and scope of words change depending on the user… for a homeless, someone who has a roof on his head is rich while the one with roof looks up to someone who owns a house as rich. This interesting concept lived with me and I realized how we incorporate it in our lives. Words & Concepts ....usage and understanding of those, and implication of their meanings depends on the user and not any traditional definitions. 

Like success and happiness mean different things to different people. For me, they are synonymous… they coexist, they are a pair ... incomplete without the other. A milestone no matter how tiny if gives you immense happiness, it is a success and sometimes a grand title, a big promotion, a huge achievement that the world applauds if takes happiness out of the equation… in my understanding of success, it is anything but that. 

When I started to create my own parameters for such concepts, I was identifying my limits, understanding my feelings, setting my boundaries and steering my own course to happiness. 

What is your definition of happiness?

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