Friday, 13 May 2016

Small Wonders

What makes you happy? Have you ever thought about the little things in life that make life worth living? We only think that happiness is achieving your goals, getting promoted, a vacation, a new car, marriage, baby etc but don't you think that these are just milestones of your life that make you happy for a short while and then life goes back to normalcy and all these milestones become routine? The real happiness comes from small, little things that give meaning to our daily lives. We just need to stop and notice. So I decided to randomly put down things that make me happy.

 I am sure most of you can relate with it.. so here is my list of small wonders: 

Hearing my mother's voice 

Finishing a good book 

Finding a good bargain 

Getting something as a present that I really wanted to buy 

A well cooked meal 

A satisfying dessert 

A hello from someone who I thought had forgotten me 

The smiling baby who waves back at me in the lift 

A loyal friend 

An expectation that doesn't end in disappointment 

Balanced eye liner 

A good selfie 


A quotation or saying that touches my heart 

A prayer that is answered

The waiting period of things that excite me

Spotting a  familiar face in  crowd

Meeting an old friend 

The snores of the snore bear who doesn't realize how loud he is! 


Hot shower after a long tiring day


A perfect cup of tea

Skimming through old photographs 

A good hair day 

A joke that makes me laugh out loud in real!

Your comments on my blog ...

So do make me happy and add on to this list... 

I want to know your small wonders!


  1. Flowers
    Talking to a friend after a long time
    A good movie
    Clothes that you love

  2. Scented candles
    New bed sheets
    lying in my comforter
    smile of my baby
    baby holding my hand tightly
    full night sleep

  3. A hot shower
    midnight snacking
    ice cream
    planning a trip

  4. Hot Chocolate, cold coffee, a walk in breezy weather, beach, sunset, a warm hug, someone saying,"I am here for you", watching Friends show with friends, an old song playing on radio

  5. Love your posts!

  6. You know who ❤️14 May 2016 at 12:03

    Love unexpected rain, unexpected visit of a friend or one of my children, buying gifts for my children and grandchilden, enjoying their pranks, hearing them shout 'daadi' when one of the parent is disciplining them, knitting teddy bears or sweaters and hats for them, meeting my deadlines, listening old songs, watching a good movie, enjoying get togethers with my friends, knowing that my children are happy in their lives, receiving gifts from children when they come back from a visit to a foreign country .... I feel like the kid waiting for the suitcase to open .... So on and so forth 😀

  7. Awwww thank you everyone for your lovely replies! ❤️ Happiness is our creation really! You all just endorsed that ❤️

  8. Wonderful post, a great uplifting read for a Monday morning!

  9. It is, isnt it! Some days Monday also makes it to my list! some really rare days,though ;)

  10. Scented Candles
    Activity on my blog
    Reading a good story
    Connecting with others like me
    Learning knew things
    Doing research
    Seeing my mother
    Spending time with my boyfriend


  11. Thanks for dropping by Kay... seeing my mother yes!!

  12. My husband and daughter laughing together
    Cardinals at my feeder
    When I sell a book on Amazon
    When a new recipe turns out delicious
    Memories of my dad
    A cat in my lap

  13. Thanks Aileen.. memories of my dad too! and lots of hugs!

    Hugs to you too <3

  14. Sunshine!
    Iced Cold Fresh Orange Juice with extra pulp!
    Cuddles with my mama

  15. Thanks Alexietyler.... Pajamas anytimeeeee!

  16. Seeing my fur babies after a long day
    A nice rain
    spending time with my mom
    Talking to my dad
    Getting puppy kisses
    Sweet iced tea on a hot summer day
    Seeing a new comment on my blog
    Seeing someone pot in my infertility group that they are pregnant.

  17. Hi Lainey ... I can relate to so many things on your list .. will definitely visit you blog! :)