Saturday, 30 September 2017

Monthly Journal

*Experimenting with a new series on the blog which will be a round-up of activities of the month. Casual, brief and very random.

So let's start ...

This picture has nothing to do with this post nor with September :)
September marked 3 months in Adelaide! but it feels like I have been here for a long time. Still trying to understand if it is a good sign or bad! Every move is different I guess. Somewhere in the mid of the month, I posted all my experiences and learnings when I moved from Pakistan to Malaysia and then Australia. I posted it here, give it a read, please. Thanks :)

I also celebrated monthaversary of my job and had a little night out with our dearest friends.

So coming back to our celebration, we all went to this very cute Turkish place called Rumi's Palace in Norwood near my house. It is a warm and cosy little place that we had discovered when hubby and I were exploring our neighbourhood. We had stopped for a quick lunch then and had fallen in love with the food. Decked up with Turkish lamps, paintings of swirling dervish on the walls, Rumi offers a perfect place to be with friends. We all agreed that the food was really delicious. I posted about it on my Facebook page where I also started another series called Foodie Finds purely celebrating for my love of food.

Here is our order:

Rumi's Palace - Norwood, South Australia 

View of Adelaide City from Crowne Plaza 
I also got the chance to attend annual gala dinner of Pakistan's Medical Association of South Australia. Hubby was covering the event as a photographer and the management was kind enough to invite me as well to attend. It was a very different experience to be in a room full of doctors and hear about their struggles and achievements. It was held at Crowne Plaza Adelaide. The dinner was a lavish sit-down 3-course meal. I was impressed by the organization's contributions, management and hospitality. I think we need such associations for other professions too where people can find like-minded fellows and get guidance and support.

Meanwhile, Adelaide's football club called Adelaide Crows made it to Australian Football League's grand final and the final match was today, the last day of the month. Spirits were high, the town was painted yellow, red and blue and enthusiasm had filled the air to the point that I also decided to pick a side and cheer for it without even knowing the basics of footy. Crows it is, in case you are wondering!

Sadly, Adelaide Crows lost and it is awfully quiet now.

Rooting for Crows with my Colleagues 
September has ended on a long weekend as 1st Monday of October is Labour day in SA!

Here's wishing you all a happy October!

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