Monday, 30 October 2017

Monthly Journal

Monthly series which is round-up of activities of the month. Casual, brief and very random.

I spent almost the whole month without hubby who was away on an official trip to Malaysia. It was my first time alone in Adelaide. I was slightly nervous in the beginning but it became better after a while. I do have friends in Adelaide but when he is away, the loner side of my personality wakes up and I like to spend time in the comfort of my own home with myself.

He came back on the weekend thank God and filled the house with his snoring!

As soon as hubby came back we booked tickets to watch Aamir Khan's latest movie, Secret Superstar. I am a diehard Amir Khan fan and we both wanted to watch it together! It was a pleasant surprise to see Amir Khan in a side role and Zaira Wasim taking the lead. She easily devoured everyone else on screen! The movie celebrates motherhood. The beautiful bond between the mother-daughter will make you cry your eyes out! Zaira Wasim is my new favourite and I hope she continues to do powerful roles and classy movies like Dangal and Secret Superstar. If you haven't watch it yet, I strongly recommend it!

Insiya and Najma from Secret Superstar
Move to a new place comes with its set of issues and no matter how much you try to stay composed, your skin and hair speak the truth about the changes. I am suffering from a bad phase of breakouts and hair fall which are definitely stress induced. And somewhere binging on nuts is to be blamed too. With breakouts comes the agonizing scars and blemishes. I have resorted to home remedies

Quickest and easiest one, a pinch of Turmeric and a few drops of Olive oil,  turned out to be a wonderful and effective remedy.

You cannot deny the healing properties of Turmeric and the amazing benefits of Olive oil. Both these natural products are known for healing, reducing inflammation and controlling bacteria. I am applying it on the affected area only and it has controlled the breakouts. I use it for two-three days in a row and then give myself a break. My skin is dry so Olive oil works well for me. I also left it overnight once and the results were great but it stained my bedsheet, pillow cover and worst of all my hands and nails! I used makeup remover to clean it off the face after washing but, it stayed on hands and nails even after doing dishes! Turmeric alone is dangerous to handle, I tell you! I use a small brush to apply it and try not to touch the mixture at all. I am really hoping it clears up all the blemishes and scars.

Still suffering from hair woes though! Let me know your favourite tips to control hair fall and dryness for dry and treated hair, please!

Had a great girls' day out with friends! There is something very comforting in having a girls' tribe! 3 out of the 4 girls are friends I have recently made in Australia and this was our first girls-only lunch and chai session that we all really enjoyed. I hope we can do this regularly!

The foodaholic side of me that never becomes a loner has been trying different foods and eateries! Join me on Facebook and Instagram to see my food adventures!

See ya!

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  1. You have a very interesting way of writing even about the ordinary. Enjoyed this one! 😊

  2. Thanks for the tip. I am definitely trying it!