Sunday, 18 March 2018

Heart Talk: My Big Move

Recently, someone pointed out that my photographs have become 'greener'. Because I posted gazillion photographs of Twin Towers while in Malaysia being a girl in love with modern architecture, tall buildings and concrete jungle. With my move to Adelaide, the background changed to green pastures, beaches, mountains and forests. These changes which sound so little as I write them were playing a havoc emotionally as I was going through different ups and downs associated with the move. I realized that no matter how prepared you are... move is a BIG thing and it brings with it BIG changes. This photograph is from December 2017..... 6 months after the move when I was at the peak of nostalgia and homesickness. Problems seemed as big as this tree and I felt small and weak. But, remember that it is just a phase and that it will pass like all other phases. It will teach you lessons for life and you will always be thankful for these dark times as they help you discover strength you did not know you possessed..... If you are going through a similar phase... hold on tightly and don't give up... trust me, light is just around the corner

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