Monday, 3 August 2020

I had nothing to wear!

This Eid I had nothing to wear! ...or I thought so… 

Eid is my favourite festival and I get dressed up whether or not I have plans or I am to meet anyone. This was my first eid where I stood in front of my wardrobe wondering what to wear to meet our friends. I had not planned things properly. 

I managed to put some random bits together and saved the day! Though, I could have worn just anything but Eid is not fun if you don’t put on something sparkly whether old or new. 

I realized how certain things in your wardrobe can be used to mix and match for such situations. If like me, you also live where getting traditional Pakistani clothes is a struggle make sure you have these in your wardrobe when you get the chance to buy... 

1. Shirts/Tops in solid colours... black, white, red, green or any colour of your choice. A shirt in solid colour can be styled in a number of ways. My shirt is from Fab India

2. I own a few colourful jackets and waistcoats that can be be paired with other clothing items to create traditional or trendy look. This colourful waistcoat looks absolutely great with jeans and a top as well. This one is from Rang Ja

3. Scarves are a life saver. Add colours to any outfit by throwing in a scarf. Summers or winters scarves are a must accessory in your closet. My scarf is from Rang Ja

4. Khussa - These handcrafted shoes are not that expensive and having a colourful pair at home always comes in handy. Khussa is not the most comfortable footwear at times but, it gives the most joy! 

Pandemic has changed so many things around us. Sustainability has become a very important factor. If a clothing item can give you multiple looks and can last for longer than just a season, that is what you should buy!  

Belated Eid Mubarak, guys!

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