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Product Review: Psoriasis & Summer Land Camels

A few weeks ago, I shared in my stories on Instagram about my husband suffering from an autoimmune skin condition called 'Psoriasis' and how it flared up a couple of months ago forcing us to take a more serious approach towards managing it. I am sharing all that I know about the condition; how we try to manage it with lifestyle changes and finding an effective skincare brand. 

Trigger Warning: Contains photographs of affected area at the end of the post. 

Ahsan has been suffering from this condition for the longest time without us ever understanding what it actually was. Since it appeared mostly on his scalp and around hairline, we thought that it was just an aggressive form of dandruff. No home remedies, dandruff shampoos, nor the layers of richest moisturisers provided him any long-term relief. Anti-allergies also did not work.

It started appearing on other parts of body and would get triggered on and off, causing redness, itchiness and also pain. It was then that we went to a dermatologist and he was diagnosed with Psoriasis. He has "Inverse Psoriasis" but thankfully mild. From this point our quest to find a solution started.                                                                     

This is what we know about the condition so far:

  • It is an autoimmune disease which causes blood cells to become overactive causing skin inflammation.  
  • There is no explanation for why it happens.
  • It is not contagious. 
  • It has no permanent cure to date.
  • It can be triggered by any factor like environment, weather, clothes, types of food, lotions & also stress. 
  • What sets it off varies from patient to patient. All the lists of triggers present are anecdotal and may not be true for everyone, but they make a good starting point to monitor what causes a reaction to a certain patient.
  • The triggers do not show up in any allergy test and sometimes they change as well which makes it tricky! 

Basically, it is a lifelong condition that must be treated  as it can go beyond the skin and start affecting lungs. The only way is through lifestyle changes, identifying irritants through carefully recording reactions of your body to different foods and activities. It is also necessary to manage your BMI, eat healthy and give good food to your skin.

While searching for skin diseases, I came across Camel Milk products. Camel Milk is believed to cure severe food allergies, skin diseases and hepatitis. This seemed promising and I wanted to give this a try. Although hubby has been prescribed a medicated cream but he was also advised to use it sparingly so that his skin does not stop responding to it. We needed a natural and non-medicated alternative. 

We started with Summer Land Camel's soap, body wash and cream. Ahsan has been using all three products for 3 weeks as his normal regime. For him, changing anything that he puts on his skin is a risk. His skin is sensitive and reacts immediately. We were quite happy that the products had no adverse reaction to begin with.

What inspired us both was how the cream and body wash had a soothing effect on any irritated area. Ahsan used Summer Land Camel body cream instead of the medicated cream and felt an instant relief and the redness reduced as well. This was a real WIN, exactly the results we were strongly hoping for. Ahsan's skin has also started clearing up which means that it is also healing the skin. I can say that these products:   

  • Are suitable for sensitive skin and psoriasis 
  • Soothe and calm irritated skin
  • Initiate a healing process to repair and restore 

Let me just remind you here that these products are used along with other necessary precautions. He avoids the few identified triggers like lemon and beef. It is impossible to avoid the reaction caused by heat, especially during these summers, and that is when these amazing products come into play. So, lifestyle changes are a must. 

Summer Land Camel products are suitable for many other skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis, acne etc. And also, for anyone who wants to give their skin some nutritious and healthy food. Like Me! 

I have been using the unscented soap and I find it not only cleansing my skin well but also leaving it soft and supple. I will definitely be ordering it for myself. I am also interested in their anti aging  night cream because it is high time, I get a skincare regime now that I know the products can be trusted. 

Plus, we are both very interested to try the shampoo for Ahsan because his current medicated shampoo is not that great. 

Summerland Camel Products are available at selected pharmacies like TerryWhites, Blooms Chemist, Go Vita etc but, you can also order online via their website. If you live in Brisbane or Gold Coast, go visit their amazing farm and see the shop personally. This farm tour is on the top of my list whenever I come to Queensland 

I hope that this post was somewhat useful. Please do leave your comments if you have any questions or any information that would be beneficial for the readers. 

Product Photography by Proshots

TW: Photographs of the affected area ahead 

Below are some photographs taken at interval of 3-4 days. 

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