Friday, 23 April 2021

Feeling Blessed Moment

When I moved to Adelaide, I was granted a conditional visa that required me to work one year full-time to get permanent resident status. At that time, it seemed like the most daunting task. And those with similar visa conditions would agree. I was told that landing a full-time job is not easy especially without any Australian experience. I had just left a job that I absolutely loved and to imagine myself working in any difficult environment was petrifying. Even though, we made this migration decision keeping in mind our finances, the job still was a big requirement.

I heard some terrible stories that gave me sleepless nights. One such night, I woke up at tahajud and with a heart full of apprehensions and fears, I prayed to Allah to help me with this tough task. I still remember that night clearly. In despair I promised that if I find a job, I will give a certain amount from my salary monthly as sadaqah (voluntary charity)
A week later, I was signing my contract for my first full-time job (Alhamdolilah). It was indeed my #feelingBlessedMoment.
I began donating monthly….. to mosque funds, orphanages, homeless people, for any cause that I came to know of that truly deserved help. I still do this even though the circumstances have changed. It is a very tiny amount but, I receive multifold blessings.
This … I feel is my most profitable investment.
This Ramadan, I came to know about this app,
Feeling Blessed
, where you have over 200 charities listed and you can donate to any charity any time. These charities are verified, and any conflict can be resolved through proper action. There is peace of mind knowing that the amount you are donating will reach the most deserving.With everything at your fingertips, this has become easier than ever. I strongly believe that what you give comes back to you in different forms and it doesn’t matter even if it is a tiny amount! 
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