Sunday, 4 April 2021

Foodie & Mrs - Pakistani Street Food


Perhaps crazy is not even enough for the amount of love we received during our three weeks at @adelcentralmarket . We set up the first ever Pakistani Street Food stall under Producer In Residence program which allows new food businesses and ideas to test their food. The whole experience lets you observe response of the public plus it also lets you experience the amount of hard work that goes into food business helping you decide if it is something you could do in the long run. Usually it is for 3 weeks. 

My husband is a cooking enthusiast and more than that he loves being a host. Loves it when others try his cooking and he enjoys the feedback. We have never had a dinner at home that did not end with a discussion on how he should start a restaurant. So a food business was always on the table, only that this opportunity came a decade earlier than we had anticipated. A food blog that we started in desperation when my husband lost all his photography jobs due to Covid, opened up this avenue for us in the strangest of ways! It was a big investment and risk but, worth taking. 

When I first moved out of Pakistan, I remember one day randomly coming across a furniture stall in a mall in Malaysia that had Pakistani flags displayed. I just stopped there and I remember how good I felt looking at those flags in a foreign country because I felt nostalgic all the time. 

It still feels surreal that we were able to bring Pakistan's flag on @adelcentralmarket ‘s page. And Pakistani food for people of this city to try. Can't tell you how amazing it feels when people stop and look at our little stall and then notice our flag πŸ‡΅πŸ‡°to see where we are from πŸ™‚ 

Although, just for 3 weeks, we have spent months planning it. And during these 3 weeks, we worked 20 hours a day! 

We are struggling with getting back into this routine where we can sleep early and wake up as we please :D 

Thank you to my blogger community here that helped spread the word and for everyone who visited us through this page. It just makes this space a lot more meaningful for me :) 

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