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Restoran Sedap (Restaurant Sedap)

You know when you do not live in your home country, every restaurant that serves your country's food becomes like a second home. Hubby and I explore every place that serves Pakistani food. We heard about Restoran Sedap that serves Pakistani, Indian and Malaysian food recently opened in Publika - a mall in Kuala Lumpur. On the long weekend we decided to go and check it out.

The restaurant is quite simple with bright greenish/yellow walls decorated with Pakistani truck art inspired frames and decorative small trucks. Even the WIFI sign has a colorful border. It looks more like a mamak (Malay style) because right at the entrance, there is this buffet style counter often seen in Malaysian restaurants.

Sedap has both indoor and outdoor seating. Outdoor preferred :)

Location here

There is an a la carte menu with Pakistani, Indian and Malaysian dishes and a mix buffet with some selected Pakistani but mostly Malay dishes. A whole vegetarian section on the menu, plus live BBQ menu which they are very proud of. Every waiter convinces you to order BBQ when you ask them about chef's recommendation. Malaysian menu includes all kinds of rice (Nasi) and fried noodles (Mee) dishes like the ever famous Nasi and Mee Goreng.

Being Pakistani, and die hard biryani fans, we ordered biryani first. Biryani served in Sedap is not the spicy biryani that we all (especially I) crave for. Biryani was Malay style with little spices and meat cooked separately. If you cannot take spicy food, this biryani is for you. Local Malaysians will be able to appreciate this biryani more, I think. They do have on the menu a special 'Karachi Biryani' which I think is cooked only on order. May be I should have ordered that!

Chicken Biryani
But, when we ordered chicken tikka, we were pleasantly surprised by the spice level. The tikka has a unique mix of spices, not like tandoori chicken that you get at mamaks. It is spicy and tangy and goes best with Naans. Naans at Sedap are really good. We tried plain naans and their famous cheese naans. Both were fresh and soft. Naans are served with curry and daal as in other mamaks in Malaysia, making it a complete meal for just RM3.5 - if one naan is enough for you ;)

Chicken Tikka 
Cheese Naans 
From the drinks menu which has shakes, fresh juices, canned drinks, coffee and teas, I ordered flavoured lassi ignoring all our diet needs. I liked the strawberry lassi the most.

Butter chicken is quite famous in Sedap according to the waiters. They serve two varieties of it. Though, I am not a butter chicken fan but I ordered the red butter chicken which is the spicy variety. It was not sweet like normal butter chicken is; it had its own rich and spicy flavour.

My husband's love for kebabs and the aroma of BBQ that fills the whole restaurant made him order chicken and lamb seekh kebabs which turned out to be pretty good too.

Butter Chicken 
Chicken and Lamb Seekh Kebabs
Last but not least, I always need good chai to reach euphoria after dinner. if you are into karak (strong) Pakistani chai game - this is the place for you. Chai was really good and I imagined that it would go perfectly well with stuffed parathas on their menu which I could not order as I was too full. But the parathas are like homemade, Pakistani style and I am sure that with Pakistani tea it will be a killer combo.

Karak chai 
Overall, I think Sedap can be that meeting place with friends where you show up for a casual dinner or lunch. It is in a mall, making parking very convenient. Don't dress up as it is not a closed place and a bit warm because of live BBQ. I cannot call it an authentic Pakistani restaurant and you will need to work out your favorites as some dishes have a mixed taste, catering to local Malaysians. The place does well during weekdays lunch, as the owner told me, because people from surrounding offices can enjoy an affordable lunch in a mall like Publika.

My choice, apart from chai <3, would be naans, tikka and seekh kebabs. No one can go wrong with parathas, so I am hoping that they will be good.

Chai and paratha is probably what will take me back to Sedap :)

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