Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Product Review: Philips Electric Pressure Cooker

The hissing sound of a pressure cooker, the rattling of the weight or wobbler on its lid and the much anticipated whistle is quite nostalgia inducing because it reminds me of the long meals and their preps that used to take place in my childhood especially when I lived in my grandparent’s house. But, I have always been scared of using a conventional one. Once I was inches away from where the pot landed when it exploded and once I witnessed the aftermath in my neighbor’s house with ingredients all over the walls and roof. Cleaning nightmare!

Before I got this, I avoided making anything that needed pressure cooking. But
Electric pressure cooker really made my life easy, safe and it works almost silently. Model no. HD2178
This is only a pressure cooker. Advanced multi cookers have both slow & pressure cooking options where you can cook complete meals in one pot. I use mine only to tenderise beef or certain lentils and beans which serves me just fine. My blogger friend
has done a post on the need of multi-cooker in our households. Give that a read if you are interested in getting one.
It is easily one of my favourite gadgets in my kitchen. Tell me what is yours?

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