Thursday, 12 November 2020

Product Review: Robot Vacuum Cleaner (Philips FC8776)

This little helper has made some appearances on my stories and I got a series of questions that I will answer in this post...

Say hello to my
Robot Vacuum Cleaner (FC8776) that I got three years ago from Malaysia. It is a smart device that helps me maintain the house and clean dust, hair, food particles when needed.
This robot cleaner cannot replace your normal thorough cleaning but, will help you with an excellent midweek touch up. After a party or dinner, I let it do a complete round and it picks up all the small particles on the floor and also on the rugs.

It is ideal to run it on levelled area, however, it does come with drop off censors and can detect height difference. So, it may avoid a fall and change its path but it mostly cleans levelled surfaces.
Best part is that it is quite thin and that makes it easy for it to clean under most furniture. It charges for an hour and works for two hours which I find quite reasonable.
I have not yet explored scheduling but you can set it to work in your absence and then it goes back to its charging dock when done. How cool!
Overall I think it is not essential but very useful product especially for my house with white shiny marble where even a speck of dust is visible.... 😅
Let me know if you have any more questions ...

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