Sunday, 15 October 2017

.... it is Me time!

My hubby's work involves a bit of traveling and sometimes for quite a long stretch. He has traveled for months too at times for his projects. In all these years, I have only traveled with him once on his official trip as with a full-time job, it is not possible for me to be with him every time. Of course, I miss him when he is away but I know the importance of his trips. I actually take it as a break too and catch up on things I have not done for a long time. Although, he never stops me from doing anything nor does he make me follow any routine but, when is away, I feel I have more free time on hands. In the beginning, I used to plan solo shopping trips, girls' day out, trips to a spa, but, I always found myself enjoying the comfort of my own home more than any of my plans. Going out or even stopping to buy something on my way back from work seems like a chore to me. Though, some lunches and essential grocery shopping do occur but, mainly it is a long PJ party.

I have finally stopped planning and have started to take it as a mini vacation in my own house. It is the mandatory "Me" time that we all crave for but do not get time. Though it may sound awfully boring for some, here are some of the things I do when I get this me time!

I stay away from the kitchen. I can actually see my friends rolling their eyes as they all know that I really do not spend much time in the kitchen anyways but, when hubby is away, my kitchen is almost closed. Only opens for chai and chai related things. The maximum I would cook is like a simple dish that I can eat for next three days and for fixing snacks 'cuz I need to eat to live. I target on washing one cup and one plate at the end of the day. I am a foodie but this period is my break from fooding in a certain way. I live on snacks, sandwiches, fruits, and things that require minimal or no cooking. I can actually do a clean eating challenge kinda thing next time!
This hangs on Fridge 24/7
Binge reading and binge watching. I can read all day sitting in one spot without being interrupted. It is pure leisure I tell you! I would read all those cant-put-down books and sometimes read certain favourites again. I do my trash reading too where I read every article on issues like Kangana-Hritik. I become capable of speaking with full authority on these unimportant issues by the time he is back. I fill him in with my new yet old knowledge and he keeps rolling his eyes! Also, it is the time to watch missed dramas, movies, sitcoms, talk shows etc. Watch Friends all over again or Gilmore Girls or watch popular Pakistani dramas. I go to work with swollen eyes and croaky voice at times and everyone feels sorry for my home alone time.

I plan a temporary beauty regimen. The only time that I go in the kitchen is when I need to make a mask or hair pack. I have all the time in the world to try different home remedies. I oil my hair, treat myself to masks and remedies, take long showers; sleep with oil in hair or a layer on the face if needed. Majority of the things do not work I tell you but, I feel good to have tried them and crossed them off my list.

I do my super 'spring cleaning'. I love cleaning more than being in the kitchen so that I do with all my heart if I am up for it. I would rearrange my drawers, sort and organize my stuff. Get rid of things I have not used. Sit and go through all the albums and old things. Clean something that was ignored for a long time. I do it at a slow pace; with background music, multiple chai breaks; enjoying the whole process as I go...

Friends Time: I catch up with my big circle of friends that are spread all over the world. I shamelessly stalk my friends that I have not interacted with for a long time on Facebook. Call them, drop them a message or leave a note. Most of them just ignore me 'cuz it is my 'me' time and not theirs but a few return my messages and I feel so accomplished!

Nowadays I am enjoying this ME time. I have finished a book that I couldn't complete, watched a drama serial up till its 26th episode. Now, it is time to indulge in some beauty time! Off to try a new mask that I just googled!

Let me know how do you spend your 'Me' time!


  1. I sulk and sulk when home alone.

  2. Share the masks that you tried.