Thursday, 14 November 2019



#Throwback ..... posing on a bus stop in Singapore in 2012!

My hubby has studied and worked in Singapore and this country has a very special place in his heart…. there are a plethora of memories of his life there as a student… some not so happy ones like arriving with very little money, struggling with finances, having had slipped disc but, most really good ones like the crazy fun of living in shared accommodation with his friends, graduating in film production and working in Walt Disney are just to name a few…. He used to very nostalgic after he left Singapore. 

Life brought us to Malaysia and my brother to Singapore… Singapore is 5 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur. With my brother and hubby’s heart there… we had plenty of reasons to visit but, it was always an adventure…. 

Once we took a bus from KL to meet a friend. When we reached immigration we realized that while my husband had been given a full one year visa, I had only one month’s visa which had expired. It was an honest mistake. Offices were closed due to holiday and there was no option but…. to go back…….. in a police van! 

Once we took a wrong turn and instead of reaching the bus station to drop off my sister-in-law who was to take the bus to Singapore, we went into self-check-in immigration lane! Since we had just come to drop her we did not even have our passports let alone visas…. there was no reverse turn…. again amid blaring sirens police had to come and rescue us from this bizarre turn of events! 

Johar Bahru which is the border of Singapore and Malaysia is home to Legoland. We planned a reunion there. We reached JB a day before and the next morning when this great reunion was to happen, my brother and his family were still waiting for the passports to return with a Malaysian visa! We stood meters away from each other and yet nothing could be done! Passports came a day after....

…. I think Singapore qualifies as my susral!

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