Saturday, 22 December 2018

Heart Talk: Breakfast

Yesterday, we celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary and I don’t think any photograph better than this could sum up my marriage. 


Most days I wake up to the sound of dishes being put away or the aroma of eggs or French toasts on the frying pan. Complete bliss. 

Two years after our marriage when we were in Malaysia, hubby wanted to start his own work. Life offered me a chance to change my career from teaching to a position in the corporate sector. A full-time job was very important at that point in time but, it was also demanding in terms of hours spent away from home. My workplace was 17 stations away which meant I left very early in the morning for work. Ahsan took upon himself to make breakfast for me as I started my new job in the new country. We did not sit down and agree to any such thing but, he wanted to take at least one task off my list to make it easy for me. It has been 10 years or so to this unofficial promise. This is just one example of many such promises that we make and deliver each day…. 

We both achieved our dreams in a way. He established himself as a photographer and I have a job that always fascinated me. 

…. and every morning we have breakfast that reminds us of little things we do for love <3 

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