Thursday, 1 August 2019

Heart Talk: I was a Part of a Book!

My first job right after completing my master's degree was this 6 months project where I worked as a project coordinator on a coffee table book, The Craft Traditions of Pakistan by the Export Promotion Bureau. 

Ahsan, my fiancé then, took some photographs for this project and introduced me to the writer, Noorjehan Bilgrami, when she needed a person to transcribe her notes, get them edited and compile them. It was my introduction to the world of designing, graphics, photography and of course writing. Since then I have mad respect for these professionals because I know the pain and the amount of hard work that is required for creating something. 
It is a gorgeous book and has my name in the acknowledgements... It still makes me proud. 
I witnessed this book being made from scratch; from handwritten notes on numerous diaries taken on different trips to what I am posing with. I finally got my own copy a decade later when I went to Pakistan earlier this year and managed to take a photograph with it just a few days ago. 
..... Not all stories are about ‘great things in life’, some are an indication of the height of procrastination I can reach! 😅

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