Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Heart Talk: The Last Run

“When was the last time you ran?” asked my hubby when he saw me breathless after running two minutes on a treadmill. 

See ....the only running hubby has ever seen me doing is away from cooking. Lol. But, long long ago when I was in school, I bagged the “The Best Athlete” trophy in annual sports day. During school days I never lost a 100m race and was always reserved for the last leg in relay races because no matter how slow it may have started, everyone knew I would win. This is when I was 10-12 years old. 

Fast forward to the last time I ran... 

When I was in college, I bunked a class. But, my teacher saw me in the college ground. To make the best of the situation, I saw a group of girls practising for upcoming sports day and I decided to hide by mixing in the bunch pretending to be a participant. It was a selection session. The sports teacher looked at me and asked me to run in a race. 

Out of the frying pan into the fire….. I ran....

I ran so fast that I left the top athletes behind. Everyone cheered, my name was noted down in the final list and I was now going to be a part of the sports club. 

From there on, I was called every day in the middle of lessons for practice which started with 4-5 rounds around the college ground. On the fifth day, I ran for the last time …

I ran home, away from the ground, away from the college, away from whatever sports event I was being prepared for. 

“That was the last run”, I told him. 

He is still shaking his head.

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