Thursday, 19 December 2019

Same Year, New Me

Are you all ready for the “New Year, New Me” statuses and updates that are soon to start?

Well, let me present .......“Same Year, New Me”....... Full marks for my creativity, right?

24 weeks ago I set two goals for myself… one was to lose 10kgs and the other one was to be regular at the gym. I have achieved my first goal and pretty much going steady with the second one. Although I am entering the tougher phase of maintaining this weight and sticking to the lifestyle changes, I wanted to stop and celebrate my little victory first with all of you. All of you have been watching boomerangs of my trainers on a treadmill… Lol…Sorry guys!

How did I do it? ... It was a mix of diet control and exercise and very strong will power.
I have written all about my diet regimen on the blog. I am still learning to use the equipment at the gym other than a treadmill!

Would you like a post on my amateurish session at the gym?

Please say no...

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