Sunday, 4 November 2018

Immigration Diary: Friendships

One thing that many of us go through after moving to a new country or city is the challenge of making friends and finding the right people to connect with, especially in the beginning. 

Some friendships fail miserably while sometimes we find love & support from the least expected. It is very unfortunate that during the times when we as newcomers are fighting to get a hold on our ‘normal’ life, we are burdened by such unrealistic demands and expectations. But, all humans are different and their way of thinking and approach to life is also different. Some embrace such difference with grace and maturity while some rebuff difference in opinion or thinking. Seemingly tiny issues become gigantic misunderstandings and a lot of emotions come into play as that specific chapter of the life winds down. When we live in our comfort zones back home, we carefully select like-minded people to be around but, once that comfort zone ends we are exposed to all kinds of people. It becomes a challenge and it is absolutely normal to take time to find “your kind of people”. 

Also, remember that it is not only about us. Sometimes it is about them. Everyone has their own battles to fight and they may be in need of time to heal even if they appear perfectly fine to you. It is only wise to let them go because holding on to a high maintenance emotional friendship is unfair for both the parties. 

If you have experienced anything of this sort or going through such a phase, please know that you are NOT alone. We have all been there. And it is not ANYONE's fault. 

Just remember to not hold on to it for too long. Give it a closure because only YOU can do that and move on.

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