Saturday, 7 September 2019

Fitness Diary: Breakfast

Since I embarked on this journey of a healthy lifestyle, I get a lot of questions on what diet I am on and what is my weight loss plan. The best way for me was to break down the information in a series of posts as there is no fancy plan but, just a list of things that work for me. 

This is my struggle to start a healthy lifestyle where I attempt to feed healthy food to my body and develop a habit of exercise as well as a part of self-care - something I promised myself this year. Although it started as a weight loss goal, I am looking forward to a lasting lifestyle change..... 
All the options that I will share are based on things I have read, tried and tested to be hassle-free and healthy. 'Cuz I got no time! 
Starting the series with breakfast options. I am one of those who wake up hungry and cannot imagine a day without breakfast. Every morning I choose either of these options depending on my mood. 
- Porridge in skimmed milk - a current favorite is porridge sachets by Carman's Kitchen
- Egg white Omelete with a wholewheat bread - I get Pureggeggwhites for ease of use...
- Peanut butter or Danish Feta cheese on a slice of wholewheat bread - I get both from Coles supermarkets
I sprinkle flaxseeds on porridge and sometimes on Feta cheese toast. Of course, a cup of tea is a must! 
All of these breakfast options are roughly around 250 calories which is an ideal calorie count... 
... more to come....

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