Sunday, 15 September 2019

Fitness Diary: Lunch Options

Taking lunch from home is one good thing about working in Australia. My normal lunch used to be leftover food from the night before or a quick sandwich. Since rice is easier to eat, I preferred taking fried rice. I also used to take fruit and sometimes salad too, but having a giant grocery store next to my workplace was where I ended up buying myself unhealthy snacks; pack of cookies, a big bag of sour jelly, a chocolate or two, sometimes a pack of crisps, etc. And, of course, chai was a must… sometimes coffee too …. 

When I decided to eat clean and lose weight, first of all, I banned myself from stepping in the grocery store. And instead of leftover biryani, rice or sandwiches … here is what I take for lunch now:
Few fruits because the stomach is still following the old eating pattern and demands a snack every few hours. So, I pack 3 fruits minimum and keep a handful of nuts or a couple of dates as a backup, in case I get really hungry. Don’t ignore your hunger pangs because if you are constantly hungry, it will take a toll on your mood and efficiency and will lead you to the grocery store and you really don’t want that. You do not have to be hungry to lose weight - you just need to make smarter and healthier choices. 
For my main lunch, nowadays I am taking chia pudding in a jar. It is neat, easy to eat, easy to make, fewer calories and filling. Or I take salad if I have some leftover or just plain carrots and cucumbers if nothing else is available. I have taken rice too, but, in half the usual quantity or kebabs without bread to avoid carbs. 
I am the kind of person who forgets to drink water on most days. With this new routine, I have started to drink 3-4 glasses of warm water instead of chai - warm because of the weather. 
I have replaced my regular tea and coffee at work with flavored tea. Twinings Australia's Ginger & Lemon is a favorite. 
…. and then I come home to a nice well deserved, guilt-free cup of doodpatti ….. because we need a little romance in this story too! 

If this made sense, read all about my breakfast here:

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