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4 Unforgettable Experiences

Me in my tourist mode
As I am packing for my holiday this year (much awaited) I can't stop myself from going down the memory lane and revisiting some of the places and travel experiences through photographs of previous holidays. Though I might have forgotten all the details there are some experiences which I remember vividly! I decided to do a post of some of my most memorable experiences. 

I have posted my recent travel experiences with full details, suggestions, and tips on the blog in the section: Travel Diary (here)

These are just some hand picked memories from older trips.

The Great Wall, China

I visited Beijing in 2012 with my Malaysian colleagues. China’s history is so rich and so full of stories that it is impossible to see all the things in one trip. Beijing impressed me with its advanced infrastructure, buildings and well-designed architecture. It is quite a contrast to see modern buildings, right next to very old preserved palaces and architectural wonders.  We visited the Olympics site, old hutongs, The Forbidden City, Summer Palace, shopping centers, markets and what not but the highlight of the trip was the visit to Great Wall of China. Initially, when I saw the great wall I was a bit disappointed as it did not seem as grand as I had imagined it to be. After all, it is one of the seven wonders and should have made a grand impression on me. But, as I climbed a few stairs and looked down and around, I was stunned at the magnificence and grandeur of the great wall and it puzzled me how this was created in times when there was not much technology and all work was done manually. Even with 22% of the wall that has disappeared, it is still humongous. We climbed the wall as much as we could and enjoyed the breath taking scenery as we marveled at this man made wonder! 

Behind me is the Great Wall of China 

The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), South Korea

In 2013, I had the chance to visit Seoul, South Korea. I found Korea extremely beautiful and advanced in terms of technology. The trains were equipped with wifi and also some open areas, corners of streets had wifi. The malls were huge and lavish and buildings extremely beautiful. Korea is best known for its skincare products that I remember buying more than I needed. We did all kinds of touristy things like visiting the old palaces, folk village, Gangnam city; trying traditional Korean clothes and making Kimchi etc but the most memorable part of the trip the visit to the border between North Korea and South Korea called DMZ. It is 250 KM border that divides Korea into a half. It is a high-security area where they have opened a small portion for tourists to see. South Koreans proudly show the tunnels dug by North Korea for the invasion that was timely discovered. I went into one of the tunnels too. After our trip, we were taken to an abandoned base where we played paint ball. We all dressed up in army uniform (like a dream come true).  It is not every day that you get a chance to shoot your boss ;)  It has been 3 years but I still haven’t been able to find myself in this photograph! Believe me, I am there!

Team for Paint Ball at DMZ 

Turkish Hamam, Turkey

When we were planning Turkey's itinerary, we were intrigued by Turkish Hamam or bath. I am quite a shy person and a bold experience like a public bath was something that required a lot of convincing from my friends. We would have discussions every day to the point that I gave in and went for it. We did not go to any posh place but just a random historical bath on a busy street.

Once you make payment and agree to enter the hammam, there isn’t much in your control. We all were made to lie on a warm marble slab in the hot room waiting to be slaughtered, sorry, I mean scrubbed till we got all the dead skin off. The women who scrub you are big sized, hardly smile and do not take any instructions. Before you finish your sentence that you don’t want to have your hair wet, she’d already have put a bucket of warm water over your head and started scrubbing. It is better to stay quiet and let them do their job. I think we were all in shock but when we exchanged our experiences while enjoying the sauna, we were in fits of laughter at what we had gone through. But, we were squeaky clean after the bath and ready to jump into a warm bed and sleep.

Shining after the Bath 
Turkey, however,  is a country I would love to go again. I left my heart there … it is extremely beautiful, the food and shopping are amazing. I will be ready to travel to Turkey without thinking twice. 

Today, my heart aches for what happened at Ataturk Airport. I pray that this madness stops soon and the world sees peaceful days again.
The New Mosque near Spice Bazar
Penang Street Art, Malaysia

Penang is my favorite island in Malaysia as it has both beach and city. The capital, George Town, is old and full of character. It was declared UNESCO heritage site in 2008 as it is home to more than 2 centuries of unique history and architecture. A whole project of street art was initiated by a company called Sculpture at Work in 2009. They placed 52 commissioned steel rod caricatures depicting the daily life of Penangites.

Lithuanian artist, Ernest Zacharevic, gave a new life to the city when he painted all across historical Georgetown. His artworks are fascinating and a source of attraction to the tourists. There are about 9 large scale murals scattered in different parts of the city. You need to walk through different lanes and streets to explore and find these wall paintings. The images depict the scenes of everyday life. These paintings have added a vibrancy and liveliness to the streets. You can take photographs, posing in a way that you look like a part of it. 

Hubby pushing 'Little Children on Bicycle'
That's me trying to rob the little boy at gunpoint!
My quench for such experiences grow with every trip and after every trip, I feel that the experience was worth every penny spent on it. Traveling might seem like an expensive hobby but it is more fulfilling than anything else. If you want to read my traveling tips, please check out my post here

So, next week I will be on my most awaited vacation. The excitement is uncontrollable! I will post about it really soon.

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  1. Nice pictures. Looks like you really had fun time.

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  11. the penang wall art was so trendy on IG and I wanted to visit penang just to see them so much! and yeah, the building of great wall of china during the time of having no technology is indeed amazing. but then again, countless of lives were lost in order to build it.

  12. I love art so I think I should visit Penang. I heard that the food is great, too, in that part of Malysia.

  13. Those street art are cute! Nice photos you have here. I also remember my trip to Beijing and the Great Wall of China was crowded! I've visited South Korea but we never attempted a visit at the DMZ because of tension between the two countries at that time was high. Your post makes me reminisce my own travels as well. :-)

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